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Lothar Fischer

Lothar Fischer

Germersheim 1933 -
Baierbrunn 2004

Lothar Fischer studied at the Munich art academy from 1952, where after only one year he focused on sculpture, being supported by Professor Heinrich Kirchner. In 1957 Fischer exhibited informal works at the 'Alter Botanischer Garten' in Munich together with the artists Prem, Sturm and Zimmer, causing a wave of indignation among art lovers and critics. One year later Fischer founded the 'SPUR' group of artists together with the above named artists. Fischer was the only sculptor among the 'SPUR' members and developed his objects based on an informal impetus just like the painters. At the same time, the artist was very skilled, which was not least due to his intensive study of role-models like Marini and Stadler. The first half of the 1960s was marked by seemingly playful works such as colored goblins, riding ships and architectural fantasies. After a short and not very constructive membership in the 'Geflecht' group, Fischer temporarily showed interest in elements of Pop Art in 1968, which is reflected in Fischer's work with the over-dimensional large toothpaste tube sculptures. In 1969 Lothar Fischer invented the so-called 'Hüllenplastiken', a multi-layer system which is meant to integrate the room. Fischer, who considers the human being as too difficult a structure to be depicted directly, only creates the cover, in which one can imagine the body. A recurrent subject of the sculptor's work is the human and mainly the female body in many variations. From 1975 to 1997 Lothar Fischer was a professor at the 'Hochschule der Künste' in Berlin. The artist, who died in 2004, was honored with numerous prizes including the 1967 'Kunstpreis Schwabing', the 1971 'Förderpreis für Bildhauerei' from the city of Munich and the 1990 'Kunstpreis Rheinland-Pfalz'. Lothar Fischer is one of the most important sculptors in contemporary art who produced figurative works. His works can be seen in public spaces and in many collections in German museums.

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Collecting fields:
e. g. SPUR
Lothar Fischer - Christophorus
Lothar Fischer
5,550 $

Robert Longo - Untitled (Earth, for Zander)
Robert Longo
"Untitled (Earth, for Zander)"
222,000 $

Stephan Balkenhol - Mann und Frau
Stephan Balkenhol
"Mann und Frau"
155,400 $

Richard Artschwager - Grotto of Altamirada
Richard Artschwager
"Grotto of Altamirada"
111,000 $

Sigmar Polke - Ohne Titel
Sigmar Polke
"Ohne Titel"
99,900 $

Marc Quinn - Chogolisa Sunrise
Marc Quinn
"Chogolisa Sunrise"
77,700 $

Jonas Burgert - Zyklus-Potsdam (dreiteilig)
Jonas Burgert
"Zyklus-Potsdam (dreiteilig)"
77,700 $

Horst Antes - Porträt mit Roter Gesichtsmaske und blauem Gesichtsfeld
Horst Antes
"Porträt mit Roter Gesichtsmaske und blauem Gesichtsfeld"
66,600 $